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And waiting…

I believe I have become an undateable nut case. I have spent yesterday’s and today’s lunch break looking up the meanings of my dreams. To be fair, even a nitwit would have recognized that they were pretty symbolic. Two nights ago I dreamt that my ex and I were in a dilapidated house (represents soul/self) … Continue reading

TC Gold

So much truth.

Tally UP

Things I have accomplished as of 8:58 PM, Wed Feb 6, 2013: Finished Book 4 in the Game of Thrones series (this has taken close to 5 months… In my defense, I had been reading, AND finishing, other books simultaneously) Joined a Book Club causing the above issue. Its alright. Giving it another shot. Have … Continue reading


I re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the other day. Fantastic movie. Kate Winslet is gorgeous, and Jim Carey is strangely attractive. Never thought that would come out of my mouth. The film illustrates situations, experiences, and feelings that everyone has felt. Painfully relatable. Next day, driving to my parents house, Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To … Continue reading


I just want to be done with thinking about him. I want everything about him to go away.  I feel sick all day. Sick to my stomach. I want to cry. Why does it hurt so much after its been so long?  My stomach is twisted into knots. These pulsating knots that have a mind of … Continue reading


Hold on folks, c-razy shit is happening! I have officially sent e-mails to my potential recommenders. Fingers crossed that they say yes, because the first application due is due on January 15! Also, I may be going over to P’s apartment to watch a movie tonight. Scandalous! Movie night on a weekday! Like I said, … Continue reading

Hair bands

My hair misbehaves with ordinary hair bands so I bought these tiny black rubber hair bands. They are just big enough to keep on a finger, like a ring, and perfect for keeping my hair up in a pony tail or bun. The first time you saw it, you looked perfectly confused. “Is that new?” No, … Continue reading

Like Nothing Changed

Every Wednesday night the ex and I played recreational sports at a social league here with his friends. The last game, well, it was the end of season tournament, was last Wednesday, the first Wednesday after we had broken up. I decided I would go because I paid to play, I didn’t want to leave … Continue reading

Oh, how the tides have changed

So its been a bit of a hiatus since my last post. Lots to share. Moved out of my parents house, hurray! Since, the mini garden has gone to shit Work became busy, now in the process of slowing down for the holiday season Tried to adopt a dog from the SPCA, learned very quickly … Continue reading