The decision to start this blog, or whatever this should be called, began on my way home from work one day, listening to Alec Baldwin’s podcast, Here’s the Thing. Of the podcasts I have ventured an ear to, Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing is the one that has truly stuck. Hovering around 40 minutes, its the perfect accompaniment on my long trek home. This particular evening, I turned on the latest episode to find that he had interviewed Kristen Wiig. Although I am not the greatest fan of Bridesmaids, I figured, what the hell, this could be funny. More than funny, I found myself relating to her past, her ring-a-ding-ding phase.

Probably off the cuff and unintentional, Mr. Baldwin summed up my current life status with that phrase. Not quite sure what I am doing, nor what I want to do, I am making the best of what I have and taking each opportunity that I can. I am not the first to trudge through this (ie Kristen Wiig), and I am surely not the last, but hearing that it takes time and work gave me that extra push. I am going to document these random tangents, whether they are busts or lead to great experiences. Without further ado, this is my ring-a-ding-ding phase.


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