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Part 1

Valentine’s day was AMAZING. As a singleton, I was dreading this holiday, but with the help of two of my fab friends, I had a great time at Mekong, which is synonymous for delicious food! Although both of my buds are in happy relationships, one is in fact engaged, they were unable to spend it with their significant others, so they spent it with meee. We were surrounded by other groups of people, most notably a group of 40 something women that seemed to have just met… and most ironically/tragically a couple that didn’t seem to say one word to each other during their entire meal…

Part 2

Sunday I volunteered at the dog rescue, and seemed to have found me, in dog form. She was the first dog I took for a walk. She was in one of the first kennels, and I didn’t see her name, so I figured she was pretty new. We went on a great walk. She wanted to sniff everything, pulled a little, but overall she was awesome on the leash. She was a little aggressive towards other dogs, but not to the point where she needed to be redirected, or avoid other dogs. And she was adorable. Have I said that yet? She would get so excited around new people, jumping up, not caring if she fell on her face, just jumping from excitement. As I sat at the bench, letting her socialize, I saw myself in her. Easily excited by the prospect of something or someone new, not terribly adventurous on the trail, but has an idea of where she is going, not afraid to lead. (This seems so much less corny in my head). Come to find out, Darla is a young puppy, lab mix. I ended up trading dogs with a father/son duo, next taking a dog named Huck for a long walk. He pulled a little bit more than Darla, but sweet as can be. He was also much older, and much bigger. As I walked back around, I found out that Huck is kept in a kennel in the area for big dogs. Up until this point, I had only walked the smaller dogs. Due to a past experience, and being small, I figured I would work my way up to walking the larger dogs. Well, go figure, I had just walked a larger dog, and it was perfectly fine!

Part 3

I helped with a project today, in which I contacted colleagues at different locations. I was asking for shirt sizes, and received a response of the size followed by a frowning face emoticon. I immediately responded with a 2 paragraph e-mail telling her that I believe everyone should embrace themselves and make smart lifestyle decisions, followed by a plug for Pinterest, my latest obsession. I let her know that she could find tons of healthy recipes and fun workout plans to change things up if she felt that she was in a rut. Come to find out, she has steadily been losing a pound a week for weeks, and given another year, she’ll be at her goal weight. And, in her words, she is already all over Pinterest. And I made her day! It was completely random, but it felt right to spend a couple minutes to write this random person, in a completely different time zone, that I know nothing about.



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