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A dog named Hugo.

Sunday I went to the dog rescue to clear my head, walk some dogs, and enjoy the trail. I started with a 4 year old golden retriever named Hugo. Walking Hugo is a little tricky. Super sweet boy, starts off slow and nice on the leash, then out of no where he’ll sprint. He pulls you along for the ride, sprinting as far as he can get.

This was not my first experience with Hugo. Two weeks ago, while walking Hugo on the long trail, I lost my phone. Luckily, it was found 2 days later. This time I wasn’t so lucky.

This past Sunday I walked Hugo, and 10 minutes into the walk I realized my phone was no longer in my pocket. The alternative would have been losing my keys, so my 4+ year old phone was definitely not the worst thing that could have happened.

So last night I bought a new phone. I have officially joined everyone else in the 21st century with a brand new iphone 5!

It was probably about time this all happened anyway. Sometimes you can’t just be nudged, you need a good shove. Thank you, Hugo!



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