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Tally UP

Things I have accomplished as of 8:58 PM, Wed Feb 6, 2013:

  • Finished Book 4 in the Game of Thrones series (this has taken close to 5 months… In my defense, I had been reading, AND finishing, other books simultaneously)
  • Joined a Book Club causing the above issue. Its alright. Giving it another shot.
  • Have been volunteering at least one day each weekend at a local dog rescue!
  • More than halfway through 12 hot yoga classes in 30 days. #HotHouse
  • Also, trying to use twitter and twitter terms. We’ll see.
  • Tried out a fun “coral” nail color, L’Oreal Tangerine Crush. Not my style, but waiting to see if it grows on me.
  • Successfully earned stars for everyday since Christmas by not checking the ex’s Facebook page
  • Made dinner and some. Lunch for Thurs and Fri at work!
  • Officially sent in all applications and application items to Pitt, Drexel, UMD & Catholic
  • Officially accepted into Pitts MLIS program!!!

Things that have not yet been accomplished as of 8:58 PM, Wed Feb 6, 2013:

  • Have not been working on German. I will hopefully start this weekend?
  • Began, but have not finished my taxes. The battle continues.
  • Book 5 of GoT is still untouched. Its been about a week since I finished Book 4. Giving myself a breather.
  • Yet to apply for a second job. I’m aiming for second week of March. Have some things to work out before I can commit.
  • Going on hiatus from Facebook! Huzzah! I’ve been meaning to do this. Now is the time. Its happening. For real.


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