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While enjoying delicious frozen pizza (thank you Trader Joe’s for your frozen Spinach Pizza), mid price wine and Tosh.0, my friend and I discussed sorority sisters, each Housewives series on Bravo, and El Pompadour. Side note, Tosh.0 played an amazing episode. They had a metal tripod. If you’re brave enough, google “metal crutches ding ding ding.” Way too entertaining. However, back to El Pompadour.

Some more texting with El Pompadour occurred, and he suggested I come out to see a show! I wasn’t able to make it in time to see his band, I was busy having pizza and wine with my friend, but I did head out later in the evening.

After the initial meeting of my friend and P she questioned whether he was straight, but after the invitation to see one of his many bands, she’s pretty sure he’s straight. With a goal in mind, to find out his true sexual preference and what kind of future this friendship may have, I headed back to my place, changed, used some of my awesome new lip stain, picked up my drunk roommate and made my way to the bottom! It blows finding a parking spot in Shockhoe, but eventually I found one. Dragged the roommate with, he got pretty drunk, pretty quickly, and P was nowhere to be found! To clarify, I searched all of the 10 feet around me as I stood at the bar, watching my roommate become more and more shitty. Short story short, after about 30 minutes of my roommates antics, and my social anxiety of not knowing anyone around me, we high tailed it out of there. P texted later, saying he couldn’t find me, so I texted a summary of this nightmare. Oh well. Next time!



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