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Its the Michael Jordan Year!

The German didn’t work out too well. I listened for about 5 minutes, then found that I really just needed to blast music, and get lost in it all. The drive there and back was perfect. It was great to clear my head. I will admit it was tough, but I thought a lot of things through.

So the plan for self-improvement, to learn german, has been revised. I will fall asleep listening to a learn german podcast or youtube clip each night. It hasn’t happened yet, but once I get back into the groove of working 8-5, it should come easily.

In the time between the last post and this, I celebrated my birthday! The big 2-3! The Michael Jordan Year! So in celebration, I went to my first pole dancing class! It was pretty crazy, and I have a new found respect for strippers. Its not easy. But it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait for my next two classes.

I’ve also become fearless in finding new friends. At least, I would like to think I have become fearless. I contacted a high school acquaintance via FB message, though we had barely spoken in high school, and its been a good 5+ years since. We had drinks, and it was not as scary as I thought it would be. Initially I began to second guess myself as the minutes ticked by. He slowly became 5 minutes late, 10 minutes late. I texted my roommate, asking him, via text, “Do people still get stood up? Is that not just a hs thing? Like the drew barrymore movie, never been kissed?” No, people aren’t that mean, just text him, he said. Well that was a bit of an obstacle, considering I didn’t have his number… But he showed up! His haircut ran a little longer than expected, but he made it. And it was fun! As a back up, I had two other friends join us later in the evening, so it was just all around fun.

This old high school acquaintance, henceforth referred to as El Pompadour, seems really nice. Hell, he agreed to having drinks with a girl he hasn’t seen since high school and barely spoke to, even then. We had drinks, and we’ve texted on and off since. He texted me the other night, inviting me to grab drinks and do a scavenger hunt at midnight on Black Friday. Sounded awesome from his texts and pictures, unfortunately I am lame, and due to my work schedule have a difficult time staying up past 9 PM. Yes, I realize I do not have work this week, nor have I had to be at work since the 15th, but its tough breaking a routine like that. It doesn’t happen over night, and apparently doesn’t happen in a week. So there’s been chit chat, and he invited me to day road trip with him to pick up a kayak. Then plans kind of fell through. As in, I haven’t heard from him. But thats alright, its given me time to finish holiday cards (2 left) and work on this entry! I invited him to hang out at my place last night. Maybe that was too forward? I don’t want to sleep with him. I really just needs friends to hang out with. I say this all the time, and I’ll reiterate it, if there was an eharmony.com or match.com to find friends (I have used meetup.com, and decided it sucks), I would be all over that shit.

Lucky me, last night I also met with an old friend who was in town for the day. We were at the bar with her other friends, of which I found a kindred soul! We’ll call him Garrison, in honor of Jim Garrison; DA responsible for leading the investigation into a possible internal cover up for the assassination of JFK. You will see why shortly. Garrison and I spent a couple of hours, after everyone had left, talking about conspiracy theories (there was a JFK marathon on Thanksgiving/anniversary of the assassination of JFK), and the demise of America. Fun times!

I have also picked up a new make-up style that I really like! I bough lip stain at Ulta on Black Friday. I bought a rosy color for during the day and a darker maroon color for night. And its been great! I feel like using a lip stain allows me to wear less eye make-up, which means less time spent using make-up remover. Win, win. Great start to my Michael Jordan year.



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