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Like Nothing Changed

Every Wednesday night the ex and I played recreational sports at a social league here with his friends. The last game, well, it was the end of season tournament, was last Wednesday, the first Wednesday after we had broken up. I decided I would go because I paid to play, I didn’t want to leave the team high and dry, and I felt pretty strongly about my reasons for the break up; it was the right thing to do.

It was difficult. It was weird because it hurt to see him, but there was also this curiosity as to why I didn’t break down and bawl like I had so many times previously.

Anyway, tonight, the second Wednesday since the break up, we do not have a game. However, the team was going to get together to see off one of our teammates, who will be moving cities soon. There is no way I am going. They are his friends. He gets to keep them, free of my presence. So, I e-mailed the team mate and let him know that I wouldn’t be there tonight, but I wish him the best in the new city. His response, “Thanks champ take it easy.  Ben and you are welcome anytime to louisville.”

Not that I expect everyone to keep a close eye on the relationship that we had, but was it really that easy to assume nothing had happened? Did nothing change? Was all of the hurt over something that never existed? Was it that easy for everyone to be around the both of us for 3 hours and not suspect a thing? Its almost comical in a strange way.



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