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Trader Joe’s Tab

My newest jab at starting a new hobby is to work on the “green” thumb I do not have. The outlook on moving out of my parents house isn’t looking too good and summer is fast approaching so I decided I would just have to build the garden here!

Due to the lack of soil (it is ALL clay) in the backyard and the fact that I find garden beds just that much more aesthetically pleasing, I found myself at the home improvement store. With my dad and brother in tow, I bought three 50 lb. bags of gardening soil, a pack of heavy duty exterior 3″ screws and a 16′ x 1′ x 2″ piece of wood (cut into two 5′ pieces and two 3′ pieces). Then, with the help of my lovely beau the 4 wood pieces were power drilled together to create a 3′ x 5′ x 1′ garden box, and we (and by we I mean he) dug out a good amount of clay… before it began to rain. As it began to rain we also came to learn that the wheel of the wheel barrel was flat, and had no intention of cooperating. Throwing some clay pieces and attempting to use a recycling box as a transporter, we finally pushed the remnants of the wheel barrel to a secluded area outside of the grassy lawn, dumped it, and proceeded to throw the shovels into the garage before going inside for some rest.

Before I knew it, I no longer had the beginning stages of an adorable garden bed, I had a dirty looking pond with mounds of clay enclosed in a wooden frame. It made for a pretty funny picture, but a not so funny job.

On the way home from work today (TGIF!), I stopped by Trader Joe’s for a quick microwave dinner and a bottle of wine (Marques de Montanana Viura 2009) to brace myself for the work that lay ahead of me in the pond. This is where I feel my luck turned. After my dinner and wine was rung up, my total came to $7.77; it just doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Of course not! Only great things to come at this point.

And to be frank, I exaggerated the amount of work in my head by miles. It maybe took 15 minutes to shovel out a good portion of the water and a couple chunks of left over clay. My dad carried the bags of soil to the backyard and we filled the garden box. After a second look, we decided it was going to need some more soil, so off to the store for two more bags. At this point, its looking quite spiffy and I could not be more proud. Well, if these plants (which I have yet to plant) stay alive, then I guess I would be just a little prouder.

New Box, New Soil



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